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Travel. Serve. Explore.

Travel, Serve and Explore are the major components of a Global Connections trip. This page will help you walk through the preliminary decisions that need to be made when designing a Global Connections trip.



Global Connections travelers leave their home to explore a completely different culture, intent to listen and learn from new people while making new friends. As a potential traveler, please think about the dates you would like to travel (plan on two days of traveling each way). We will need to know your budget limits and the potential number of travelers. This will help us determine the best air travel, lodging and transportation for your needs.


We suggest that you confirm your plans to travel with us by making a deposit to GC no later than 4-6 months before you plan on traveling. Arranging logistics inside the 4 month window can be done, but it is much harder (and usually more expensive) than having 6 months to plan.



Africa is a paradox: while it is full of intense beauty and exotic wildlife, it also has the highest incidences of HIV/AIDS in the world, continual famine, and an enormous orphan population. The heart of your trip will be serving organizations determined to be part of the solution for some of these problems. It is very important that you look at our Grassroots Partners in Kenya and decide where you would like to serve. Please let us know if you have any specific areas of interest that you would like to focus on while in Kenya. If you need guidance, we will give you an overview of all our partnerships, the work they are doing and let you know the opportunities that you can have with them in Kenya.



Time on Safari (which is a Swahili word for Journey) gives you a chance to process through the poverty and pain that is experienced by our friends in the developing world. Often we need a moment to catch our breath before we fly home and return to our busy schedules.


There are numerous safari options that can be crafted for almost any budget. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to see some amazing creatures and beautiful landscape. For the more adventurous sort Mt. Kilimanjaro (the highest point on the continent) and the Nile River are reachable by small planes and we can drive to Mt. Kenya (the second highest point on the continent). Zanzibar, only a short fight away, is a small Tanzanian island on the Indian Ocean. It is a popular destination due to its beautiful white sand beaches and old world spice island culture.


We look forward to working out the details of your trip.